Magical Hot Springs – Jamurca Pools

Jamurca, Las Varas, Jalisco, Mexico

Hey ENJOYTHELIFERS! Join us as we dive into the healing waters of Jamurca Hotsprings in Nayarit Mexico. Another great location to visit in the Riviera Nayarit area. It’s one-hour from San Pancho and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Sayulita. From San Pancho take Hwy 200 toward Guadalajara and just past Las Varas and make a right into the mountains. It’s a beautiful drive with farms, orchards, and jungle. These mountains are really lush and green. Make sure you stay to the right until you reach the sign. It’s so peaceful and we had the whole place to ourselves. The grounds are really nice with mango trees and palms trees everywhere. There are bathrooms small picnic areas. There are 5 pools of different sizes and temperatures but we mainly used the 2 large pools that aren’t too hot. Shamans from the Huichol Indian tribes would use these thermal waters to purify their body and spirits. subscribe here – The thermal water has supernatural healing powers. This highly energized mineral water comes from deep within Mother Earth, blessed by the cosmos. Thermal waters are great for healing skin diseases, releasing muscular and joint pain, helps increase circulation and anti-aging benefits, and it helps give the body the vital minerals it needs. A great way to destress and relax, you feel like you’re floating. Thermal Mineral water is an important spiritual tool because it helps relax the mind and slows the thinking, allowing you to go deeper in meditation and connect to the source of all things. We had a wonderful time and feel completely renewed, thanks Jamurca hot springs for your soothing mineral blessing. #enjoythelifevlog #jamurcahotsprings #mexicotravelvlog subscribe here – #enjoythelifevlog #sayulitalife #riveranayarit MY GEAR: BIG CAMERA; TRIPOD; TRIPOD HEAD; BIG BENDY TRIPOD; SMALL BENDY TRIPOD; WIDE LENS; CANON 50MM; CANON 24-70MM; SMALL CAMERA; GO PRO; OSMO POCKET; OSMO ACCESSORIES; MICROPHONE; RADIO MIC – GOPRO MICROPHONE; DRONE; FOLLOW ME; on on on RICH MASON on Instagram – @henna_kingdom Margarita’s Pure Organic Henna links: channel – Instagram @pureorganichenna

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