Funky Adventures 2

Our Mexico adventure continues as we fly into Mexico City and take a bus to Xalapa, Mexico. We’re on a mission to retrieve our Toyota 4runner named “Funky”, that’s been in storage for the last 5 years in the town of Coatzacoalcos, Mx. Now it’s time to return to Coatzacoalcos and drive the car back to Los Angeles. We’re traveling to Jalapa because we have friends there we can stay with and it’s only 5 hours from Coatzacoalcos. In order to drive the car back to Los Angeles, we need to renew our travel permit. The only way to renew a travel permit is to go to the nearest border and cancel your old permit and then you are issued a new permit. Since we let our old 6-month travel permit expire we need a temporary permit called a “Returno Seguro” to travel to the border, without this permit we could be arrested and our car impounded. We applied for this permit 2 weeks before we flew to Mexico City hoping it would be ready by the time we arrived. Nothing happens fast in Mexico as we would find out later. All the government offices are closed until January 2nd, so we decided to enjoy some vacation time in Jalapa while we’re waiting. After a few days in Jalapa, we were off to the town of Jalcomulco, 30 minutes outside Jalapa next to the Rio Antigua River. Jalcomulco is the adventure capital of Jalapa with activities like rappelling, climbing, hiking, tyrolean crossing, mountain biking, landscape photography, and Temazcal. We stayed at the Green-Eco Resort which was a really nice inexpensive hotel just outside of town. We spent a wonderful New Years’ Eve and the next morning we participated in a mystical Temazcal ceremony. A Temazcal is an ancient ceremony that cleanses the mind, body, and soul. We begin by entering an enclosed dome while volcanic stones known as “Abuelas” are heated by fire. The hot stones are brought into the dome and herb-infused water is thrown onto the rocks creating steam that penetrates your body and soul. It’s a very confronting experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you face your fears. It can really be intense and if you have any health issue I don’t recommend this. It was a great way to start the New Year!!! If you’re interested in a Temazcal while in Jalcomulco, contact the Green-Eco Resort at the link below. In the next episode of our “Funky” Mexican Adventure, we experience difficulty getting our travel permit from Mexico City and we find out “Funky” the truck is not running so well. Tune in!! Green-Eco Resort… instagram@hotelgreenecoresort

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