Funky Adventures 3

Hey ENJOYTHELIFERS welcome back! We’re still on our mission to bring “Funky” the truck back to Los Angeles. While we’re waiting for our travel permit to come from Mexico City we’re enjoying the sites around Xalapa. Our Journey continues in Jalcomulco, MX, where our Friend Rodrigo’s family has a coffee plantation named Rancho Las Trancas. It sits high in the mountains of Jalcomulco where the coffee needs a colder climate to thrive. It was absolutely beautiful with spectacular views. Jalcomulco is one of my favorite areas in the State of Veracruz. Then we’re off to the city of Veracruz looking for a Department of Motor Vehicles or SAT office where we can get some information about our travel permit. We rented a car and went to 5 different offices until we found someone who could help us. We were told that the permit would be ready next week and they would contacts us when it was ready.. We need this permit to drive the truck to the border and we we’re getting nervous about how long it’s going take to receive the document. Nothing happens fast in Mexico. We have to be back in Los Angeles in 2 weeks so we’re under a time constraint. While we’re waiting for the permit we decided to go to El Carrizal, a mineral Hot springs Resort next to the River Rio La Antigua about one hour south of Xalapa. We really like this place it’s super therapeutic and very relaxing. Mineral hot springs are like the fountain of youth. We spent the next day sight seeing around the city of Xalapa. First we did yoga at Kevala Yoga and then we went downtown for some shopping. It’s a wonderfully diverse city with plenty of cool shops, old churches and even some Vegan sushi. The next day we ventured off to the town of Xico, 45 minutes southwest of Xalapa, and went on a wet hike to a waterfall called Cascada De Texolo. This area is super green and fresh because it always rains. The hike is short with some fantastic footbridges and lush green forests. The waterfall is spectacular and it was flowing super hard! The next day we decided to drive down to Coatzacoalcos where our Toyota 4Runner was in the garage getting a tune-up because it has been sitting for 5 years in storage. We were anxious to see what kind of shape the truck was in and if it would make the trip down to the Guatemalan border. When we saw the truck it was pretty rusted and rundown but it started right up and ran pretty good. The mechanics said they checked everything out and that it was working well but really they didn’t check everything as we would find out later while traveling down the road. While we were in Coatzacoalcos we heard from Mexico City about our travel permit. They said it would take 2 weeks for the permit to be mailed to Coatzacoalcos and if we wanted sooner we would have to fly to Mexico City and pick it up in person. We have to be back in Los Angeles in a week so we couldn’t wait for them to mail it, so Margarita flew to Mexico City while I prepared the truck for the road trip down two the Guatemalan border. Hey ENJOYTHELIFERS, tune in next week as Margarita goes to Mexico City to get our travel permit and we start on our journey to the Guatemalan border but on the way “Funky” the truck starts breaking down making our trip to the border very dramatic and difficult. Tune-in! Hey, if you like what you see, subscribe, like, and comment. If you have any questions about driving across Mexico or living in Mexico, Contact us at

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